Piano Recital PART ONE (Island Watch, Je

Piano Recital PART ONE (Island Watch, Jeax D'eau, Scriabin Etude)

Performed by

Jamie Cai

Island Sounds by Lily Chang.jpeg

Island Sounds

by Li-ly Chang

Fairies In The Lily Garden

by Li-Ly Chang

Arabesque No. 2 (Claude Debussy)

Performed by

Hannah Zhang at 2015 WIPF

Concertino da Camera Allegretto, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Fortunata Trio with Li-Ly Chang

Ballade 2016

by Li-Ly Chang

Performed by

31st IYAPC winner

Soo Jung Kim

Capriccio (2018)

by Li-Ly Chang

Performed by

34th IYAPC winner

Madeleine Hehn

Justin played Here Comes the Circus! by

Here Comes the Circus!


Lily Chang
Performed by

Justin Hung

32nd IYAPC Andrew J. Manzella, Around To

Around Town (2016)
by Li-Ly Chang
Performed by

32nd IYAPC winner Andrew J. Manzella

Three Sketches for Piano, no2 (2015)
by Li-Ly Chang
A Travelogue of Today

Bach, G minor Trio Sonata

(from BMV 528)

for Oboe, Viola and Piano, Adagio

Souvenirs (2019)

by Li-Ly Chang

Performed by

34th IYAPC winner

Seth Schultheis


Brian Ganz


Li-Ly Chang

Mi-A-Ou (from Dolly Suite, Op. 56)

Brian Ganz and Li-Ly Chang, Jadin de Dol

Brian Ganz


Li-Ly Chang


Jadin de Dolly (from Dolly Suite, op 56)

Danza de las tres doncellas

(from Tres danzas des Espana)



Eight Pieces

for violin, viola and piano

Op. 83, No. 3, Andante

Contact ​Li-Ly Chang:

P O Box 2284, Silver Spring, MD 20915

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